About Neighbor Funds

Our mission is to build better communities through creative projects.

NeighborFunds helps local entrepreneurs and organizations find resources to carry out community-driven projects. Projects can range from helping an invention come to market, to helping a local business grow and even stabilizing a historic building.

Our Background

The Neighbor Funds team consists of entrepreneurs, web developers, small business owners, and historic preservationists out of Buffalo, NY. 

What brought us together to create Neighbor Funds is our mission to enable communities to better build themselves.

One of the most critical resources for a project to be successful is money. Neighbor Funds provides a platform for community-driven projects to raise money from the very communities they aim to make a positive impact in.


Neighbor Funds is a platform for local community-focused projects to raise funds. Our geographic focus is currently where our roots are, in Upstate NY, but we hope to expand wherever we are needed.

A Project is an event, business, or quantified amount of work that needs funding to be successful.

The funding goal is the amount of money needed by the creator to make their project successful.

Creator is someone who posted the project and is dedicated to making it come to life given they receive enough support.

Supporting Neighbors are those who pledge, donate, or supply an interest-free loan to a project.

A Gift is how a creator can share part of their project with their Supporting Neighbors. These can be almost anything, from a unique experience, to limited editions or copies of the items produced by or for the project.

For Creators:

You have a community-driven project in mind and need to raise money to make it happen. So you then create and share your project page with your neighbors and start raising money. Use our resources to drive success.

For Supporting Neighbors:

Browse projects to find one that you like and want to support. Feel free to engage the creator and ask questions. When you find a project that you like, and want to be a part of its success, support it!



Permanent residents of the United States or Canada who meet the requirements below are eligible to start projects on Neighborfunds.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be creating the project in your own name or as an affiliate of a registered legal entity.
  • Must have an address, government-issued ID, and a bank account within the country you are creating the project from.
  • The linked bank account must be in the name of the individual unless it is of the company they represent for the project.
  • Must have a major credit card. If in the U.S. a debit card can also be accepted.

Starting a project with Neighborfunds is a simple 4-Step process.

  1. First, ensure you are eligible to start a project through Neighborfunds by reading the “Can I start a project?” FAQ directly above this one.
  2. Make sure you refer to our “Neighborly Conduct Rules” to ensure your project is a good fit.
  3. Simply go to our “Project Creation Page” and submit your project.
  4. We will finally get in touch to talk about your project and complete the verification process, before approving it to launch on the platform.

There is currently only one option for funding through Neighborfunds.


This is exactly what it sounds like. A single funding goal is set by the project creator. If the project reaches it’s funding goal then the supporting neighbors get charged. Supporting neighbors DO NOT get charged until the funding goal is reached. In a scenario where the goal is exceeded, those who pledged before 100% get charged when it reached 100%. Any supporting neighbors that support the project after the goal has been reached will get charged automatically.

It is much easier to protect our users with this type of funding. We may allow other types down the road.

Research all costs associated with completing your project. The minimum amount of funding needed to bring your project from start to finish, along with making and shipping any gifts should make up most or all of the funding goal.

Keep in mind that often times unknown surprises pop out of nowhere so it is wise to add a slight buffer to the minimum estimate. If a supplier or partner were to fall through, make sure you have a backup plan.

There are many aspects that go into a successful fundraising campaign.

  • Have all costs outlined in detail and set your funding goal by adding up these numbers.
  • Put thought into how you want to accept funds. For example if you want to accept pledged funds in exchange for a good or service, put thought into what gifts might appeal to your supporting neighbors. Giving people incentive to back your project is how you help them get engaged and to feel like a part of something new, innovative and good for their community.
  • Have a plan to inform as many relevant people as possible about your campaign.
  • Get your project peer-reviewed or request help from our team.

Gifts are given to supporting neighbors as a courtesy for pledging at least a certain amount of money to your project. 

Avoid these Prohibited Items

  • Nothing illegal, potentially dangerous to supporting Neighbors, or heavily regulated.
  • No unapproved energy food and drinks.
  • No negative material that would encourage violence or hate, or promote discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.
  • No political fundraising.
  • No reselling. The Gift must be designed or created directly from the fruit of the project.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, vaporizers, drugs, or paraphernalia associated with any of those items.
  • No weapons or weapon accessories. Except legal, privately-owned flamethrowers. Flamethrowers are banned in Maryland and require a license in California.
  • No contest, gambling, coupons, or raffles
  • No animals or live animals as gifts.
  • No Pornographic material.
  • No financial, credit, brokerage, travel, phone, or business marketing services.
  • No repackaging or sharing things that were previously created by another project.

Browse the projects on the Explore Projects page. There are two ways to support a project through Neighbor Funds. Donation or Pledges. The creator gets to choose which are available for their raise.